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News Edition: January 2023

Short Introduction

Since 2009 Robert Breitbach Consulting has also been present on the Spanish market.

From La Coruña in Galicia, we handle our projects in the west of Spain and in Portugal.

Our office in Barcelona is responsible for the east of the country, including Madrid. We also reach most Spanish metropolises from there via the high-speed train network.

We specialize in assisting European and American companies in the search and selection of executives for their Spanish subsidiaries and plants.

The appointments are usually C-level positions. In about half of the cases we are looking for Spaniards for Spain. But of course we also have networks and internal resources that allow us to search Europe-wide and worldwide.

About 70% of the search projects contain the keywords: "CEO, Managing Director, Country Manager, Business Development Manager or Expansions Manager". In addition, we have been able to fill many positions in the areas of sales, plant and production management.

We are pleased that you take the time to visit our "News" page. Here we would like to inform you - updated monthly - about news from the economy and society in Spain.

From the Almanac

The Kingdom of Spain (Reino de España) has the parliamentary monarchy as its form of government.

Since 2014, the head of state has been King Felipe VI.

The current head of government (Presidente del Gobierno) is Pedro Sánchez Pérez-Castejón of the Partido Socialista Obrero Español (Social Democrats). He governs in a coalition with the "Podemos" party (Left Party).

Madrid is the capital and political center of Spain.

The country has an area of just over 500,000 km² and the population is about 47 million.

In 2020, nominal GDP was $1.3 trillion; average income is about $27,000.

Spain's Economy in 2023

According to OECD, Spain's economy will decline to 1.3% real GDP growth (from 4.7% in 2022).

This is caused by the war in Ukraine, supply-chain disruptions, elevated energy prices and rising interest rates.

Charla (What's on people's minds in January?)

This month's dominating news is once again: Cristiano Ronaldo. He will play his soccer in Saudi Arabia in the future.

Other topics include:

  • The passing of Pope Benedikt is likely to be in the media for some time.
  • The inauguration of President Lula in Brazil will keep the media busy in January.
  • Pelé has died. We will read and hear many obituaries during the month.
  • The war in Ukraine is still an issue, of course. However, the topic is slipping. The Spaniards are hoping for a "better" 2023.
  • The social sections of the newspapers celebrate the elevation of Brian May to the peerage.

Street in Spain

Fairs and Exhibitions in January

Messe Barcelona


Science Technology and Management

10 - 11 January 2023 in Madrid


Medical Health & Science

11 - 12 January 2023 in Barcelona

ST Alphe Spain

Travel & Tourism

13 - 15 January 2023 in Malaga

HPB Student Conference

Interdisciplinary Brain Research

18 - 20 January 2023 in Madrid


Travel & Tourism

18 - 22 January 2023 in Madrid


Education & E-Learning

22 - 23 January 2023 in Madrid


Management & Information Technology

22 - 23 January 2023 in Madrid

Europe EQD

Banking & Finance

23 - 25 January 2023 in Barcelona


Applications of Intelligent Systems

23 - 27 January 2023 in Las Palmas

Word for the day

"Recuerda que las nubes solo duran un momento y el sol doda la vida."
"Always remember, the clouds are only there for a moment. The sun is there for all of life."
Spanish Proverb

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